Inline Curing Oven

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Basic Information

Model name : BCOS- IV

With its compact design, the BCOS-IV is able to dock with the die bonder CPS-100 series. Various combinations are possible, including as a die bonder with a curing oven and as an in-line system with a wire bonder.


1.Uniform heating is achieved by employing radiant and direct heat from the heater block and hot N2down flow heat from the chamber to freely obtain the optimal temperature profile.

2.The BCOS-IV achieves clean curing by venting Ag paste outgassing outside the machine while at the same time blocking outside O2, enabling Cu frame compatibility.

3.Corresponding types of lead frame are supported manually.

Main Specs

Temperature Range
Cycle Time
6 sec × 8 step MIN.
Curing Time
6 sec × 8 step MIN.
Lead Frame Size
120 (L) × 16 (W) mm MIN. 260 (L) × 51 (W) mm MAX.
Magazine Size
L: 100–300 mm
W: 25–102 mm
Thickness: 0.075–2.0mm
Dimples: 0–1.0 mm
Lead frame Set-up
Up to 10 profiles
Temperature Setting
Up to 8 profiles
(W) 720 × (D) 1,000 × (H) 1,544 mm