Soft Solder Die Bonder

Soft Solder Die Bonder BESTEM-D03Hp
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Basic Information

Model name : BESTEM-D03Hp

A solder die bonder compatible with high-quality, high-power devices, such as Dpak, To220, To3p and IGBT.


1.Compatible with high-quality high-power devices from Dpak, To220 to To3p.

2.Bonding accuracy: XY: ± 40 μm‚ θ: ± 3° 3 σ

3.Solder bonding quality inspection / detection with DBI.

4.The exchange of heater rail unit or adapter rail can be selected.

Main Specs

Bonding Method
Solder bonding
Bonding Speed
0.6 sec/cycle (Dpak: Die size □3 mm)
1.5 sec/cycle (To3p frame Die size □5 mm)
Bonding Accuracy
Single row frame : XY:± 40 µm θ: ± 3゜
(□5 mm, Pyramid collet)
Die Size
□3-□8 mm
t=0.08-0.5 mm
Lead frame Size
Length : 150–260 mm, Width : 30–80 mm, Thickness : 0.5–2.0 mm
Magazine Size
Length : 120–260 mm, Width : 30–90 mm, Height : 50–200 mm, Pitch : 3 mm–
Wafer Size
Max φ8 inch
(W) 1,870 × (D) 1,200 × (H) 1,650mm
Approximately 1,700 kg


Double loader (magazine loader addition) / in-line compatibility
Bonding Head
Collet rotator
DBI Function
Bonding accuracy inspection
Wafer Mapping Compatibility
Wafer mapping system