Soft Solder Die Bonder

Soft Solder Die Bonder BESTEM-D340
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Basic Information

Model name : BESTEM-D340

This device can be used from power discretes to power ICs and IGBT modules. For power devices that require high bonding quality, including automotive applications Die bonder for solder joining process.


1. High-performance reducing feeder supports solder fusion bonding process

2. High joint quality by adopting solder molding (spanker) function

3. Supports large format frames up to 100 mm wide

Main Specs

Bonding Method
Wire solder supply joining
Bonding Speed
UPH : 6000
(SOP 8-series matrix frame, chip size □3 mm equivalent condition)
Bonding Accuracy
Single row frame :  XY: ±38 µm (3σ), Θ: ±1° (3σ)
(CuIsland, Spanker & Pyramid Collet)
Die Size
□1-11 mm
Option : 15mm
Lead frame Size
Length : 110-260(up to 300 mm in option)
Width : 10-100 mm
Thickness : 0.1-2.0 mm
Magazine Size
Length : 50-260mm(up to 320 mm in option)
Width : 20-110 mm
Thickness : 50-200 mm
Pitch : 3mm-
Wafer Size
Max φ8 inch
(W) 1,860 × (D) 1,320 × (H) 1,622mm
Approximately 1,600 kg


Compatible with various frame loaders
Bonding head part
Collet heater / collet rotator
Wafer mapping, traceability support
Visual inspection before storing the unloader