President’s Message

Canon Machinery will continue to shine in the 21st century by pivoting from manufacturing to value creation

Canon Machinery is committed to giving back to society by resolving customer challenges on the production floor with our automation and engineering technology developed over the course of our 50-year history.

We aim to address customer challenges by helping to resolve social issues such as fixing labor shortages, ensuring a safe, secure and people-friendly workplace environment and further strengthening the industrial base with equipment that increases productivity in terms of reducing labor, improving quality, and increasing utilization rates.

We propose equipment with optimized quality, cost and delivery (QCD) based on our wealth of experience in automation systems addressing customers’ needs on the production floor and social issues.

We help customers improve productivity utilizing our wealth of technics and know-how. This includes high-speed transfer of die bonder indispensable in the semiconductor manufacturing process, high-precision positioning, in-line image inspection and automated assembly machines that dramatically improve the productivity of Canon products.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns.

Going forward, Canon Machinery will continue to satisfy customers’ needs and contribute to social development with both sincerity and creativity based on Canon Group’s shared philosophy of kyosei.

President Masaki Omori Canon Machinery Inc

Masaki Omori
Canon Machinery Inc.