President’s Message

Canon Machinery aims to continue shining in the 21st century, continuously thinking about manufacturing in advanced production systems.

Things enrich society.
Things makes life enjoyable.
This is the reason people continue inventing new things.

We will continue to provide equipment that makes things:
new things, fun things, high-precision things, and things that are difficult to make.

Our equipment saves human labor.
We ensure stable product quality and engage in mass production to keep costs low.

Our equipment continues to evolve as things.
We cherish its manufacturing DNA.
We will continue thinking about manufacturing with engineers around the world who create things.

By the mid-21st century, we may be creating equipment invented by robots.

We will continue to grow along with the future of things.
We will continue to shine in the 21st century.

President Takashi Kanzaki Canon Machinery Inc

Takashi Kanzaki
Canon Machinery Inc.