Semiautomatic Singulation Machine

Semiautomatic Singulation Machine SDM-210S
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Basic Information

Model name : SDM-210S

This semiautomatic singulation machine cuts material placed on the table by an operator with high precision to a predetermined size.


1.Easy to operate, conditions can be set before mass production or optimized for small batches.

2.Cutting table supports 8-inch ring.

3.After cutting, material can be washed with water and blown dry (optional).

Main Specs

Applicable Products
Size: 8 inch ring attached (standard) Thickness: 0.15–2mm
Process Head
Output motor: 1.0 kW air spindle
Cutter rotations: 30,000 rpm (regular use)
(L) 1,420 × (W) 1,310 × (H) 1,400 mm (not including protruding parts)
Power requirements
AC 200V ± 10% 10 kVA or higher
Compressed Air Requirements
0.5 Mpa (600N liter/min)
Water Requirements
0.3 Mpa (12N liter/min)
80 db or less (A scale measurement)