Business Overview

Business Overview

Factory Automation System Business
Electronic Components
Substrate processing equipment, Electronic Components-related Equipment, display/liquid crystal-related equipment, IC card/tag-related equipment
Automobile -related/automobile electronic components
Automobile safety control-related equipment, automobile Electronic Components-related Equipment
Other Industrial
Office equipment assembly lines, medical part assembly equipment, single crystal growth furnaces
Semiconductor System Business
Die bonders, die sorters, inspection equipment, mounters, cure furnaces
New Fields
Ultrashort pulse laser processing equipment, ultralow oxygen partial pressure control equipment

Supporting Manufacturing with Advanced Production Systems

-From automated and labor-saving equipment, to semiconductor fabrication equipment
and the development of next-generation equipment-

Since our founding in 1972, Canon Machinery has supported the manufacturing industry with high added value semiconductor fabrication equipment and the world’s only customized development of manufacturing equipment based on extensive technologies accumulated through our business activities.
Difficult things create new, high-precision things.
We cherish the manufacturing DNA gained through numerous experiences, and going forward, will continue contributing to industrial development through the provision of advanced production systems that expand possibilities in high-tech fields.

Manufacturing Capabilities Supporting Integrated Production Systems

To facilitate short production schedules, low costs and high-quality needs, Canon Machinery is engaged in the in-house production of parts processing composed of equipment including 24-hour automated production operations at our high-productivity machining center.