Gang Press Machine for LEP/Silver Sintering Process

Gang Press Machine for LEP/Silver Sintering Process KLIPs-1364s
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Basic Information

Model name : KLIPs-1364s

A preprocess die bonder is used to press LED chips mounted on substrates using LEP (an anistropic conductive adhesive) while applying heat. It can also be used for the sintered silver crimping process.


1.Employs a highly accurate servo process compatible with a wide range of loads, from 300–30,000N.

2.High productivity is realized by gang pressing large loads.

3.KLIPs are compatible with various products, including ceramic substrates/MCPCB (fully automated) and flexible substrates (semi-automated).

4.Enables the gang pressing of substrates up to 4×6 inches.

5.Equipped with an upper/stage head automatic leveling function resulting in shortening device conversion time.

Main Specs

Target Device
LED devices for LEP process
Press Head
One axis
UPH 60,000
Press Force
Press Force Accuracy
Setting value ± 1.5% (for all setting ranges)
Temperature Range
Upper head 70–350°C / Stage head 70–250°C
Temperature Accuracy
Setting value ± 3%
Applicable Substrate Size
(W) 45-102mm
Applicable Magazine Size
(W) 50-120mm
Max Head Dimension
Applicable Buffer Material Film Size
(W) 40–100 mm
(outer diameter) –Φ170 mm
Material Transfer Height
Applicable Buffer Material Film Size
(outer diameter) –Φ170 mm
Power requirements
Power supply : AC 200V 50/60 Hz 3-phase 30A
Dry air : 0.4 MPa (150 NL/min)
Vacuum : -66.7 kPa
(H)1,900mm (not including signal tower)
Approximately 1,300kg