Tabletop Single Crystal Growth Furnace

Tabletop Single Crystal Growth Furnace
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Basic Information

Model name : Tabletop Single Crystal Growth Furnace

Since its launch in 1972, Canon Machinery floating zone single crystal growing equipment has expanded globally with model variations and performance that meets diverse needs, from research to industrial use. It was also used to conduct experiments in low Earth orbit on the NASA Space Shuttle (FUWATTO ’92 First Material Processing Test). Leveraging small image furnace development and other expertise accumulated up to now, Canon Machinery partnered with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology to conduct joint development based on the “iConcept*” to commercialize a compact and affordable floating zone single crystal growth furnace.
From youth science instruction to student physics experiments and education, this product is expected to meet a wide range of needs including fundamental research on physical properties and the development of new materials.
*iConcept: Technologies realizing the three i’s.

1. Technologies realizing ai (love) for the environment and human beings.
2. Technologies realizing intelligence
3. Technologies realizing individuality.


Oxide superconductivity, magnetic materials, dielectric materials, etc.


1.Heating area : High temperatures up to 2,100°C are easily obtained.

2.Heating source : Due to infrared heating, it is possible to grow single crystals, such as oxides, which do not melt under high-frequency dielectric heating.

3.High purity : As this is a floating zone system, a crucible is not required and impurities are avoided, resulting in highly pure single crystals.

4.Atmosphere : Isolation in a quartz tube enables the growth of single crystals in optimal atmospheric gas.

5.Crystal growth : The traveling solvent method enables the growth of single crystals with decomposed melt offering oxide superconductivity and other properties.

Main Specs

Machine type
  Tabletop Single Crystal Growth Furnace (type A) Tabletop Single Crystal Growth Furnace (type D)
Temp range
Up to 2,100°C
Dual elliptical reflector
Rubies, other gems and general oxides(TiO2, Fe3O4,etc.), oxide superconducting material, magnetic manganite and other types of research
Spindle drive
Lower stroke Max 50mm Max 150mm
Upper stroke Max 50mm Max 150mm
Crystal growth (low speed) 1.0 - 12.0mm/hour (speed range can be varied by changing gearhead) 1.0 - 20.0mm/hour (speed range can be varied by changing gearhead)
Gap adjustment (middle speed) ±15 mm (vertical axis) manual
Rotation rate 6 - 60 rpm
Lamp power
Max: 650 W × 2 lamps
  1 line Max: 0.1 Mpa 1 line Max: 1.0 Mpa
Dimensions (mm)
Main unit 660 W × 680 D × 1,130 H Weight: Approx. 150 kg 700 W × 750 D × 1,600 H Weight: Approx. 270 kg
Liquid crystal monitor 350 W × 62 D × 370 H Weight: 5 kg
Ceiling height (mm)
Approx. 2,400 mm
Power requirements
  AC 100V - 20A (50/60Hz shared), no cooling water required AC 200V - 40A (50/60Hz shared), no cooling water required
When cable length (standard 10 m) extension is required, a separate estimate will be provided
Main unit accessories
Halogen lamp 650 W × 2 lights, 2 quartz tubes, 2 ceramic crystal holders, 1 upper spindle chuck, 1 lower spindle chuck, 1 focusing jig


Hydrostatic press unit
Ideal hydraulic press and mold for creating rods from raw material.