Epoxy Die Bonder

Epoxy Die Bonder BESTEM-D320
  • Overview
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Basic Information

Model name : BESTEM-D320

A LED package compatible die bonder realizing both high performance and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


1.Minimizes distance between mount and preform, prevents changes over time and reduces wasted movement.

2.Direct substrate conveyance, work thickness compatible, large substrate compatible (optional), carrier compatible.

3.Applicable to multiple bonding and recognition patterns corresponding to large lighting substrates and modularization.

4.Simplified work data input shortens conversion time to one hour (hardware 15 minutes, set-up 45 minutes).

Main Specs

Bonding Method
Epoxy bonding
Bonding Speed
Bonding Accuracy
XY : ±25μm,3σ
θ : ±3°,3σ
Die Size
Lead frame Size
Length : 50–260 mm (up to 300 mm in option)
Width : 20–100 mm
Thickness : 0.1–3 mm
Wafer Size
Max φ8 inch
Power requirements
Power supply : AC 200 V 20 A
Dry air : 0.4 MPa (60 L/min)
Vacuum : -66.7 KPa (100 L/min)
(W) 1,600 × (D) 1,130 × (H) 1,630 mm
(without signal tower when front cover is closed)
Approximately 1,200 kg


Optional Functions
Magazine stacker loader
Ionizer blower
Wafer mapping