Singulation Machine

Singulation Machine SDM-400SH
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Basic Information

Model name : SDM-400SH

This machine fixes material supplied from the magazine on direct adsorption plate and cuts it to prescribed dimensions with high precision. After cutting, the material is removed with a suction pad, after the position is determined, stored in the JEDEC tray.


Oxide superconductivity, magnetic materials, dielectric materials, etc.


1.Enables fully automatic cutting of large substrates up to 450 mm × 450 mm.

2.Equipped with two-blade multi-cutting 3.5 kW mechanical spindle.

3.Employs material positioning function realizing highly accurate JEDEC tray storage.

Main Specs

Applicable Products
Size: Max. 450 mm Thickness: 0.5–3mm
Process Head
Output motor: 3.5 kW mechanical spindle (supports 2 blades)
Cutter rotations: 10,000 rpm (regular use)/13,000 rpm (Max)
(L) 5,200 × (W) 2,900 × (H) 1,700 mm
Power requirements
AC 200V ± 10% 20 kVA or higher
Compressed Air Requirements
0.5 Mpa (2,000N liter/min)
Water Requirements
0.3 Mpa (20N liter/min)
80 db or less (A scale measurement)