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About Electronic Components-related Products, Battery/Energy-related Products, Other Industrial Products

FA System Business Headquarters Engineering Service Div. / Sales Dept.
Phone: (81)77-581-2091
Fax: (81)77-581-2093

About Semiconductor-related Products

Semicon System Business Headquarters Sales Div.
Phone: (81)77-566-1822
Fax: (81)77-566-1833

About Personal Information

Corporate Administration Headquarters Personal Information Dept.
Phone: (81)77-563-8511
Fax: (81)77-566-1824

About This Website

Corporate Administration Headquarters Legal and Public Relations Div.
Phone: (81)77-566-1828
Fax: (81)77-566-1824

We will only use the personal information provided through this website as follows:

  1. For surveys related to your inquiry.
  2. For replying to your inquiry.
  3. For contacting users.

For the purposes mentioned above, we will provide information to our subcontractors or the Canon Group.

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