New Hot Press Machine

New Hot Press Machine HPM-13000A
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Basic Information

Model name : HPM-13000A

This coining machine presses supplied material (resin substrates, etc.) using upper and lower heads (punches) with a high degree of flatness to smooth solder bumps, etc., on the material.


1.New servo press realizes high productivity (pressure range 300–30,000N)

2.The upper and lower head are equipped with an automatic leveling function (automatic parallelism adjustment) to shorten device conversion time.

3.A twin table mechanism significantly reduces the time of material replacement (no loss of productivity).

4.A recognition correction function is provided to facilitate use with POP packages (optional).

5.Equipped with function enabling the real time graphical display of load and displacement.

6.Compatible with individual PKGs and strip substrates (both become specialized designs).

7.Press heads are selectable between 1–4 axes depending on production capacity.

8.Replacement of the head tool requires no tools, and can be done at a touch.

Target Products

Semiconductor package (FC-CSP/FC-BGA)

Fuel cell components (MEA)

Laminate seal polymer battery materials

Press processing for IC cards, etc.

Main Specs

1 axis ※max 4 axes are available
Productivity (reference data)★
UPH = 180 strip/axis (4 times press, Pressing time 2 seconds, under the condition of no recognition correction)
Pressure Range
300N–30,000N ※Max 15,000N type (low price optional)*
Press Accuracy
Set value ±1.5%
Head Temperature Range
At normal temperature +20–250°C
Head Temperature Accuracy
Set value ±3% (under 70°C = set value ±2°C)
Substrate Size (Strip Substrate)
(W) 30-100 mm (L) 150-250mm (t) 0.1-2.0mm ※(L) 200–300 mm optional
PKG Size
□15 × 15mm-□70 × 70mm
Max Head Size
□90 × 90 mm ※Materials = steel, alloy, SUS, ceramics
Press Table
Twin XYZ table (servo) ※additional θ axis optional
Footprint (1-Axis Machine)
700 × 1,550 mm ※expands with two or more axes
Sample Evaluation
All evaluations are most welcome. (Permanent 1-axis demo machine to us)
Please contact us with your inquiries:
Phone 81 (77) 581-2091

*Regarding compatible substrate sizes, special compatibility is possible.
★ This data is for reference values, and will change depending on conditions.