CSR Activity Policy

One of Canon Machinery’s management policies is “to be a company meriting social value,” thus we adopt the “Canon Group Code of Conduct” based on the Canon Group’s universal guiding principle “The Three Selfs (self-motivation, self-management and self-awareness)” and engage in sound and fair corporate management including observance of laws and regulations as a member of society, an awareness of our social responsibility and actions that conform to social ethics.
Canon Machinery positions thorough corporate ethics as one of its most important management issues, Going forward, we will continue striving to be a company meriting social value based on activities undertaken by executives and employees that thoroughly comply with corporate ethics.

Risk Management System

At Canon Machinery, the Management Council, Risk Management Committee and other councils and committees attempt to uncover risks and prevent trouble from risk before it occurs. The Management Council works proactively with related committees and divisions to offer a swift response to critical issues.

Promoting Corporate Ethics

Canon Group Code of Conduct

Canon Machinery adopts the “Canon Group Code of Conduct” as a standard for all executive and employees to observe when carrying out their duties based on the Canon Group’s universal guiding principle “The Three Selfs (self-motivation, self-management and self-awareness).” We implement compliance promotion activities to develop employees into autonomous individuals with a strong sense of ethics and a law-abiding spirit.

We also distribute the “Canon Machinery Code of Conduct Handbook” so that all executives and employees consider legal compliance and ethical awareness when taking action and constantly confirm that their actions are not in violation of corporate ethics.

Compliance Card

In pursuit of becoming a truly global excellent corporation, the Canon Group distributes compliance cards are distributed to all Group executives and employees throughout the world based on the recognition that it is essential for all officers and employees to demonstrate “The Three Selfs” and conduct themselves as autonomous individuals with a strong sense of ethics and a law-abiding spirit.

As a member of the Canon Group, Canon Machinery employees regularly carry this card and constantly strive to execute work duties that demonstrate “The Three Selfs” and comply with laws and ethical behavior.

Corporate Ethics and Compliance Training

The Canon Group holds “Compliance Week” twice a year, once in the first half of the year and the other in the second half. This provides all employees with the opportunity to enhance their understanding and awareness of issues related to legal compliance and corporate ethics.
Canon Machinery conducts discussions of themes related to legal compliance and corporate ethics within actual work duties in each workplace during Compliance Week. Employees discuss the work they are involved in, which has the effect of verifying behaviors and the meaning of compliance more concretely than is possible through lectures and other passive educational programs. Opinions gathered from each workplace through Compliance Week are reported to the Risk Management Committee, which is useful for developing and improving our internal compliance promotion system.

Whistleblower System

At Canon Machinery, we have a hotline in place to receive information related to compliance issues and in an effort to autonomously eliminate the potential for illegal activities. We strictly maintain the confidentiality of callers using the hotline and guarantee no callers will suffer detrimental consequences as a result of using the hotline.