Corporate Philosophy: Kyosei

The Canon Group corporate philosophy is kyosei. It conveys our dedication to seeing all people, regardless of culture, customs, language or race, harmoniously living and working together in happiness into the future.
Unfortunately, current factors related to economies, resources and the environment make realizing kyosei difficult.
The Canon Group strives to eliminate these factors through corporate activities rooted in kyosei.
Truly global companies must foster good relations with customers and communities, as well as with governments, regions and the environment as part of their fulfillment of social responsibilities.
For this reason, The Canon Group's goal is to contribute to global prosperity and the well-being of mankind as we continue our efforts to bring the world closer to achieving kyosei.

Canon’s Corporate DNA

Behind Canon's history and development as a business lies its corporate DNA: a respect for humanity, an emphasis on technology, and an enterprising spirit that the company has consistently passed on since its foundation. The enterprising spirit on which Canon was started as a venture company, and the relentless drive to distinguish itself through technology, permeate the company, and have continued to provide society with new advances. These motivating factors are in turn supported by a respect for humanity, which encompasses meritocracy and an emphasis on good health. Canon is committed to passing its corporate DNA on to future generations to ensure the company grows for another 100, or even 200, years.

The San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit

The Three Selfs, the foundation of the company’s guiding principles that have been passed down since Canon was founded, are self-motivation, self-management and self-awareness. For Canon, which strives to be a truly excellent global corporation while maintaining the legacy of its corporate DNA, the Three Selfs continue to serve as the company’s most important guiding principles.

  • 〔Self-motivation〕
    Take the initiative and be proactive in all things.
  • 〔Self-management〕
    Conduct oneself with responsibility and accountability.
  • 〔Self-awareness〕
    Understand one’s situation and role in all situations.

The Three Ethos

We contribute to society through the creation of intelligent, sophisticated production systems and constantly strive to achieve new things, noble objectives and difficult tasks. Since our founding, our management philosophy has been based on The Three Ethos: originality, sincerity and challenge. With the aim of continuing to shine in the 21st century, our most important course of action is our mission to support the manufacturing efforts of our customers.

  • 〔Originality〕
    Create challenges for customers that lead to innovation.
  • 〔Sincerity〕
    Think sincerely from the customers’ perspective.
  • 〔Challenge〕
    Do not fear occasional failures and always take on new challenges.
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