New Fields/Research and Development

Process technology innovations in pursuit of originality.
Based on this principle, we are pursuing unique technologies for new business and manufacturing innovation that will become core in the future.
To maintain abundance in the next generation.
We are developing the next generation of manufacturing to commercialize proprietary products and conduct research and development aimed at proprietary technologies that differ from existing businesses.

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Processing Equipment

Ultrashort pulse laser processing equipment creates a variety of functional surfaces through the formation of one million submicron periodic structures per second.
This microfabrication has the effect of reducing friction between automotive parts and enhancing the water repellency of material surfaces.
From yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow—we are developing technologies that do not exist in the world and working on establishing cutting-edge processing technologies utilized in everyday society.

Ultralow Oxygen Partial Pressure Control Equipment

Ultralow oxygen partial pressure control equipment able to control oxygen partial pressure (concentration) in gas to an extremely low level.
In controlled oxygen pressure environments, it is possible to develop materials with new functionality and maximize characteristics of materials.
Going forward, Canon Machinery will continue to advance in unexplored fields and equipment no one has ever built before.