Ultrashort pulse laser processing technology

What is an ultrashort pulse laser?

Milli- or micro- are unit prefixes expressing one thousandth or one millionth. Femto- is a unit prefix representing one quadrillionth. An ultrashort pulse laser is a laser that fires short pulses of light lasting between several trillionths and several hundreds of trillionths of a second. Light in the atmosphere travels around the earth seven and a half times in one second. If the laser pulse width is, for example, 100 femtoseconds, light energy is confined in the spatial region of only 30 microns.

What is an ultrashort pulse laser?

Revolutionary Friction Reduction realized with Ultrashort Pulse Laser Texturing

Canon Machinery developed processing technology for industrial components using ultrashort pulse lasers. Our technology using ultrashort pulse laser can impart various surface functions to material parts.
For example, in automobiles and mechanical systems, energy consumed by friction is reduced by optimum sliding surface texturing to improve the load capacity of the fluid lubricating film, the holding ability of the lubricant and the frictional wear characteristics, drastically.
Furthermore, our ultrashort pulse laser processing technology is used in various purposes, such as thin film adhesion, anti-adhesion of micro objects and cell susceptibility.

Laser Processing Equipment “Surfbeat R”

Surface processing technology by ultrashort pulse laser irradiation can be used with our product, the Surfbeat R. This is the world's first ultrashort pulse laser processing machine optimized for sample evaluation (experimental processing) and small lot production.
The unique feature of the Surfbeat R is that it enables the non-contact processing of functional surfaces in any area without deteriorating dimensional accuracy and material properties. The setting of special environments is not required for processing, and a variety of extended functionality can be included in the Surfbeat R.

Detailed Information on Ultrashort Pulse Lasers and the Surfbeat R

For detailed information on ulturashort pulse lasers and the Surfbeat R, please see the PDF file below.

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