Die Sorter

Die Sorter BESTEM-S300
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Basic Information

Model name : BESTEM-S300

This machine picks up only quality die from diced wafers, organizes and stores them on the tray. Equipped with full digital control bonding head with high-speed potential, records location data for each unit based on work data, various teaching functions and HMI bonding facilitate high productivity, ease of adjustment, stability and flexibility


1.Best TCO - High UPH, Small footprint, shortening device conversion time -

2.Best Quality - High accuracy XY: 38 μm (3 σ) -

3.Compatible with fragile devices - IR cut filters, thin die, etc. -

4.Defective chip inspection - Equipped with backside inspection function -

5.Flexible die pickup capability - Corresponding to □1.0–12.5 mm -

Main Specs

Target Device
Silicon, glass
Cycle Time
Array Accuracy
Die Size
□1.0-□12.5 mm t=0.1-1.0mm
Transportable Tray Size
2/3/4 inch
Transportable Tray Thickness
Ring Size
Max 8 inch
Tray Size Conversion Time
Approximately 12 minutes
Tray Stock Height
Max 250 mm
Tray stacking system
Pallet system
Recognition System
Pocket recognition function (CMOS camera)
Inspection Function
Function to visual inspection before pickup (optional)
Power Requirement
Power supply : AC 200 V 20 A
Dry air : 0.4 MPa (60 L/min)
Vacuum : -66.7 KPa (100 L/min)
Approximately 1,200 kg