DAF High-Accuracy Die Bonder
BESTEM‐D511f plus

DAF High-Accuracy Die Bonder BESTEM‐D511f plus
  • Overview
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Basic Information

Model name : BESTEM‐D511f plus

High performance flip chip die bonder for flip chip bonding compatible with 12 inch wafers.


1.Best TCO
High throughput, small footprint, shortening device conversion time, multiple dispensing head

2.Best Quality
Bonding accuracy: XY: ± 12 µm, 3σ

3.Multiple Functions
Compatible with dipping process

4.Highly Accurate Small die pickup
□0.3–□8.0 mm compatibility

5.Flexible Handling
Enables switching between flip chip bonding modes using an ON/OFF switch

Main Specs

Bonding Method
Flip chip bonding
Bonding Speed
UPH : 12,000
Bonding Accuracy
XY : ±12μm,3σ
Die Size
□0.3-□8.0 mm t=0.075-0.5 mm
Option : □0.15-□2.0mm
Lead frame Size
Length: 100~300 mm
Width: 25~102 mm
Thickness: 0.075–2.0 mm
Dimple: 0–1.0 mm
Magazine Size
Length: 100~315 mm
Width: 35~115 mm
Thickness: 50–200 mm
Pitch: 3mm–
Wafer Size
Max φ12 inch
(W) 1,930 × (D) 1,400 × (H) 1,600mm
(without connecting rail / duct hose, signal tower)
1,600 kg