Solder bonding Die Bonder for high heat capacity devices
Needleless Pickup Unit

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Basic Information

This unit enables the high-speed pickup of ultra-thin dies without causing damage, and can easily pick up dies with a thickness of 40 µm or less, which is generally thought to be impossible using the conventional ejector needle method (patented). The unit can be mounted on die bonder and die sorter machines made by Canon Machinery and can be supplied independently.


1.High -speed pickup of dies with 20 µm thickness.

2.Non-damaging pickup of brittle materials such as GaAs.

3.Scratches on underside, cracks, and chipping are totally eliminated with the use of a 65µm thickness GaAs die pickup.

4.Ultra-high speed pickup of large-area dies.

5.Regardless of die thickness, the tact time has been abridged by 50 ms/die or more compared to the conventional ejector needle method.

6.Applicable to Canon Machinery equipment ready for 8-inch and φ300 mm.

7.Fully compatible with conventional units using the ejector needle method. Immediate operation is possible simply by changing the connector (this unit can be supplied independently).

Main Specs

Unit Dimensions
(W) 150 × (D) 325× (H) 190 mm
Applicable Die Size
Compatible Equipment
φ300-compatible Epoxy Die Bonder BESTEM-D02 Series
Die Sorter CAP-3000II, etc.
Soft Solder Die Bonder CPS-4000 Series
Flip chip Die Bonder CPM-7000
Other Canon Machinery equipment having an 8 inch type Expander