DAF High-Accuracy Die Bonder

DAF High-Accuracy Die Bonder BESTEM‐D531t
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Basic Information

Model name : BESTEM‐D531t

High-accuracy die bonder for NAND flash compatible with 12 inch wafers.


1.Easy to adjust needleless pickup system able to pick up even ultra-thin die without causing damage, equipped with rework function realizing excellent operability.

2.World’s highest accuracy bonding capability XY: ± 8 μm, θ: ± 0.05° (3σ)

3.Flexible handling, able to handle lead frame sizes of □1.0–25.0 mm and the substrate size of 100–300 mm

Main Specs

Bonding Method
thermo-compression (WL-DAF)/Epoxy bonding/DAF tape
Bonding Speed
Bonding Accuracy
XY : ±8μm,3σ
θ : ±0.05°,3σ
Die Size
□1.0-25.0mm t=15μm-
Substrate Size
Length : 100–300 mm
Width : 30–102 mm
Magazine Size
Length: 100–315 mm
Width: 30–115 mm
Thickness: 50–200 mm
Pitch: 3mm–
Wafer Size
Max φ12 inch
Power requirements
Power supply : AC 200 V 30 A
Dry air : 0.5 MPa (60 L/min)
Vacuum : -80 KPa (100 L/min)
(W) 2,160 × (D) 1,470 × (H) 1,600 mm
(Without signal tower when front cover closed)